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Basement renovation with creative design. Are you looking for the best finished basement you can possibly get? Do you want a space that looks beautiful but also works well? Are you concerned about quality workmanship, health and safety? Look no further than The Basement Finishing Company – one of Toronto’s and  Southern Ontario`s top basement renovation companies for the last eighteen years.

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The Basement Finishing Company serves customers in GTA throughout Southern Ontario. Quality work, good prices, creative designs. Call us at 416-385-0101



Finished Basement Renovations - Home owners often tell us that the main reason they are looking to renovate is to create ..

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Incorporating a kitchen into a finished basement is a great idea, no matter what the primary function of the basement is ..

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No matter what you are using your basement space for, no finished basement is complete without a bathroom. The Basement ..

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3D Basement Renders
You won't be able to tell the difference.

Who needs hand-drawings? Our professionally-made 3D renders are your solution to doubts. We'll show you how your designs will look in real life, complete with the textures that will be used in the build.

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See what our customers have to say about our basement renovation services in their own words! We've left many customers thrilled with their homes, and we'd love the chance to do the same for you. Find more testimonials here
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I enjoy watching home renovation shows on TV, like Love It Or List It and Property Brothers. In almost every episode of these shows, some problem arises that changes the design completely, and the family ends up with something different to what they thought they were getting. I was afraid of the same thing happening when I had my basement refinished, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Basement Finishing Company uses designers who are talented and have vision. They were able to anticipate potential construction issues before they even happened, and as a result, the basement I got was identical to the one that was designed. It looks great, it functions well and the quality is superb.

Finished Basement

I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at The Basement Finishing Company. The man who came in to give me the quote was friendly and knowledgeable, and he answered all of my questions and concerns. The people who did the work were pleasant and courteous at all times. They had complete respect for my home and my family, and they were extremely good at their jobs. If there were any issues during the renovation, they were resolved before I even knew about them. The workmanship was excellent and the customer service was great from beginning to end. Thank you, The Basement Finishing Company, for taking such good care of us.

Basement Finishing

When my neighbour had his basement done, it took months and there were endless problems. Things weren’t finished properly, and the place was in a mess. I was dreading getting my basement done. But The Basement Finishing Company promised me that they’d be done in eighteen days. They kept their promise, did a fabulous job, and sent in professional cleaners to make the place spotless. It was as clean as a brand new car, the day you drive it out of the dealership. I would recommend The Basement Finishing Company to anyone. Their care and attention to detail is rare in today’s world.

Basement Renovations

I decided to renovate my basement to add resale value to my home. I needed good quality workmanship that would attract buyers, but I also needed it to be done at the right price. I got a few quotes that looked reasonable, but The Basement Finishing Company was the only company willing to guarantee the price they gave in the quote. They were also the only ones who didn’t ask for money upfront. In the end, we got top quality renovations done at a great price. When we sold our house, we actually had buyers in competition – all because they loved the basement! Not only that, our house sold for about fifty thousand dollars more than a similar house down the road the month before.

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