Tips in Remodeling your Basement

By admin April. 26. 2016

Your basement is an entire floor worth of space and it’s far too much space to be wasted. Basement can add value to your home and could be a fantastic opportunity for increasing living space. Whether you have a growing family or visiting friends and relatives it’s always a great idea to utilize that extra space in the house.

Finishing your basement is always the best way to gain new living space without sacrificing lawn space or building your house upwards. There are several reasons why you should be renovating your basement.

Eliminate moisture problems from your basement. Don’t let musty odors, rusty metal surfaces and discolorations on walls and ceilings ruin your basement renovation. Start with identifying the climate in your area since different areas have different building codes. The material used for walls and ceilings should be according to the climate in your area. For instance an area where there is less rain and snow doesn’t need a waterproof exterior.

Basements generally are short of natural light. If your basement is one of those then the place can be utilized for pool table, arcade games or a treadmill. To make it look more artsy you can paint the exposed joists and ductwork to create an industrial, loft like theme.

Since there isn’t much natural lighting in your basement, the finished basement should be a well-lit space. Opt for fluorescent lights that are integrated in drop ceilings. If you aim for a fun gaming room choose decorative lamps for your pool table or a spot lights aimed at the dartboard. Don’t forget to create a small storeroom in your basement where you can store your tools, luggage and seasonal items.

It’s the little things you do that help in creating the ambiance and theme you want in your basement. In addition to the lights you will add around your basement playroom gaming area try to add decorative lights in the seating area as well. Hang a large mirror on the wall for your basement gym, put some fun pictures up or get some exciting decorative pieces that will add to the theme of the place.

Never be afraid to express yourself. This living space is yours so make it whatever you want it to be. Whether you opt to go for a funky or a minimalist white and back route either ways make the space as personal as possible. Whatever you decide to do let us help you with your goal. Our experts will help to make the entire basement renovation process easier for you. They will not only help you with the material but also give you ideas for interior decoration to achieve your desired style.

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