Basement Finishing Ajax

For the best basements finishing in Ajax, call The Basement Finishing Company. Guaranteed quality and a two-year unlimited warranty.
Ajax homeowners who are wanting to build stunning finished basements need look no further than The Basement Finishing Company. Along with the best skilled tradesmen and designers, we have an impeccable eighteen-year track record of success, and a two-year unlimited warranty. No matter what you want to do with your basement, we will help you build it.
The Basement Finishing Company is a one-stop shop for the entire basement renovation process. Our creative designers use computer 3D modeling, so you can see the design before we start the work. Once your design is finalized, our team will swing into action to turn your dream into a reality. If you change your mind on any aspect of the design partway through the job, no problem! We know that your vision could change as you see your basement take shape, and we have the flexibility to work with that.
We care about quality, about creating a space that reflects your needs, personality and sense of style, and about making sure all of the finishing touches are done perfectly. We are confident that when your project is complete, you will love your new basement and look for every opportunity to spend time there.
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