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Basement Finishing East Gwillimbury

There are a number of contracting companies serving East Gwillimbury, but none can build a finished basement with the same quality and attention to detail as The Basement Finishing Company. With over eighteen years of experience all over Southern Ontario, we know how to turn a basement into a space that individuals and families can enjoy spending time in. Whether you want your basement to be a place to live and sleep, eat, work, exercise or play, our designers will create a space that reflects your needs and your personality.
There are many reasons for East Gwillimbury homeowners to choose The Basement Finishing Company:
– We truly listen to our customers and strive to give them exactly what they need
– Quality and safety are our top concerns, and we will never cut corners on either of them
– We are guaranteed to complete your basement project within three weeks
– You can use whatever appliances, carpets, tiles and other materials you like – we do not require you to choose from our catalogue
– If you change your mind on a design element partway through the job, we will make every effort to accommodate you
– We do not ask for a hefty up-front deposit – pay only when the job is complete
For more information about how we can turn your basement into something special, call us today.

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