In this day and age, two people going to a movie can easily spend more than $50 on tickets, popcorn and drinks. This can get very expensive for movie lovers. That is why a lot of people are opting for home theatre rooms in their basements.

A home theatre is a great way for you enjoy watching your favourite movies in a relaxed atmosphere, along with friends and family. You no longer have to go to a movie theatre in order to get a true cinematic experience. The Basement Finishing Company can design and build a theatre that has everything a moviegoer needs: ambient lighting that can be dimmed at show time, comfortable seating with armrests and a place to put your drink and popcorn, a big screen that can be clearly seen from every seat in the room, and surround sound audio that lets you experience the full magic of the movie.

We employ only the best tradesmen, and this includes experts in home theatre building. All of our work is customized – no two home theatres are the same. We will design the lighting, acoustics and layout in a way that is attractive to you and that works best in your unique basement space.

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