Laundry rooms are often the most disorganized place in the house, simply because they are not spacious enough. A lot has to go on in laundry rooms: sorting, washing and drying, folding. Laundry rooms are also frequently used for storage, especially in houses that are small and lacking in other storage facilities.

The Basement Finishing Company will design and build a laundry room in your basement that is large enough to meet your needs and comfortable for you to work in. We recognize that different families have different needs when it comes to laundry. Some families are bigger than others, some include babies and others include athletes or messy chefs. Your laundry room should not be an afterthought. It should be a carefully planned space that is customised for what your family needs.

Maybe you need a supersized washing machine to cope with the loads generated by family with many children. Or perhaps you prefer to air dry your towels and need plenty of hanging space. Some people like to fold laundry as it’s coming out of the dryer – they would need the flat surfaces to do so.

Whatever your laundry needs are, we will build you laundry facilities that are comfortable to use and spacious enough to move around in. Call us today to get started.

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